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Welcome to Sunrise Hat Supplies. As hatmakers committed to the craft, we know how important quality millinery supplies, materials, and tools are to creating the perfect hat. We offer a dedicated home for modern-day hatmakers to easily access the highest quality felt hat making supplies. Wether you make western cowboy hats, vintage fedoras, or something in between, a great hat always begins with great materials. Our sustainable Coypu bodies are comparable to the finest quality beaver felts, and our artisan tools make it easy for hatmakers to craft fine hats for any head.

About Coypu Fur Felt Hat Bodies

A Sustainable Alternative to Beaver

Beavers are native and crucial keystone species in many ecosystems. Disrupting their populations can have devastating ecological effects. Coypu (Nutria), on the other hand, are highly invasive and pose a grave threat to wetland vegetation and mangrove forests. Consequently there are many environmentally-motivated efforts to manage their populations. By reclaiming this fur for our Coypu Hat Bodies, we save this material from going to waste. As humans we are inescapably intertwined with our environments, and our existence necessarily impacts the beings and systems around us. It is our duty to act respectfully and thoughtfully when we take for our own use, approaching other beings humbly, gratefully, and doing our part to keep systems in balance.

Fur Felt Hat Bodies, blocked into shape. Sunrise millinery supplies top quality fur hat bodies for cowboy, vintage, traditional or anything in between.

Why Use Our Coypu Hat Bodies?

Naturally Water-Repellent Fibers

Just like their cousins the Beaver, Coypu are aquatic rodents. Adapted to that environment, both animals have a very oily fur that helps repel the water from their coats. These natural oils are what provide Coypu Fur Felt hats with excellent water repellence.


We put in the extra work so that you don't have to! Our hat bodies come pre-pounced down to 800 grit.

Unique Colors

We are hat makers, so we have a pretty good sense of what people want and what colors will make beautiful fur felt hats for different customer demographics. That said, we always listen to you, our hat-making customers, as well. We try to stock the colors that you want to see. If you want something we don't have. Shoot us a note and we'll see what we can do!

Soft Hand

Once you start working with our Coypu felt hat bodies, you'll see for yourself. These felt are incredibly butter and pleasant to work with. They soften up well with steam, manipulate with minimal pressure, and lock into form when cooled.

Competitive Pricing

When it's all said and done, quality always comes first. But we try to save you where we can, utilizing efficient shipping and packaging to keep costs down.

Fast Turn-Around

With easy online ordering and fast turnaround times, you can count on our hat bodies to be at you door when you, and your customers, need them there.

Hatmaker Testimonials

Having worked with many different fur types over the years, the quality of nutria felt stands against the best of them, and is a personal favorite of mine. It’s beautiful earthy, velvet-like feel has a density that allows for precision shaping while still retaining a nice degree of softness. Add to that it’s sustainability and a dependable and reliable supplier, and it’s a joy to work with. Nutria is my #1 choice for custom hats.

Colby Herbert "The Cajun Hatter"

I love Sunrise Hat Supply because they make an effort to push more sustainable materials for hatters. They're easy to order from and have great communication. As for the felt itself? Buttery! The selection of weights offered are perfect, there's a good and fairly consistent unique range of colours including staple black and typical range of browns, but also some wonderful bold yet unpretentious colours such as midnight blue, plum, dusty pink, honey, and violet. The only reason I wouldn't recommend them, is I want to keep this supply treasure to myself!

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