Collection: Coypu Hat Bodies

Premium Coypu (Nutria) Fur Felt Hat Bodies

These felt hat bodies are 100% Coypu (Nutria), pre-pounced, and ready to become your next great masterpiece. 220-230 gram for Western-weight builds; 150-160 gram for Dress-weight builds. Superb hand-feel, plus all the qualities of Beaver hat bodies, but more sustainable! In-stock hat bodies will ship in 1-2 business days.

Remember, all you need is steam and pressure. These bodies are made with a special "old-school" natural lacquer stiffening formulation; the felt opens nicely with steam and locks into form as it cools. Avoid any contact with boiling water, or the combination of steam/water-saturation and a hot iron that could cause flash boiling! Tag us on Instagram to show us what you've made out of our sustainable fur felt blanks:
  • 230 Gram Coypu Hat Bodies (Western Weight)
    230 Gram Coypu Hat Bodies (Western Weight)
    The perfect Western Weight hat body. A sustainable alternative to beaver fur with all the same incredible qualities.
    $150.00 - $190.00
  • 160 Gram Coypu Hat Bodies (Dress Weight)
    160 Gram Coypu Hat Bodies (Dress Weight)
    The Sunrise Dress Weight 2.0 is here! Perfect for your classic or modern dress weight masterpiece.
    $120.00 - $150.00
  • 100g Grab-bag Short-Brim "Classic" (Set of 3)
    100g Grab-bag Short-Brim
    Regular price $150.00

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If you're looking for the perfect hat body for your next creation, you're in the right place. Our Nutria hat bodies are perfect sustainable alternatives to beaver hat bodies. Western Weight for your cowboy hat blanks or more modern urban creations. Dress weight hat bodies have a super smooth classic feel, lightweight but structured. We're sure you'll love working on these Coypu fur felt hat bodies!